Citizen Petition

Picture 1: Arroyo Alamar Third Stage
Picture 1: Channelization WITHOUT concrete.
Picture 2: Arroyo Alamar First Stage
Picture 2: Channelization WITH concrete.

We, the Environmental Health Coalition and the Border Environmental Justice Campaign (Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro Justicia Ambiental) are looking for a sustainable way to bring urban development to our communities. We demand that communities are taken into consideration regarding decisions that will affect our quality of life.

The communities adjacent to the Arroyo Alamar and to the Otay Industrial Park, like Chilpancingo and Murua, have paid for the presence of the maquiladoras with their own health. The rehabilitation and preservation of the forested area of the Arroyo Alamar is an extremely valuable opportunity to offer clean public recreational spaces for families while reducing the impact of heavy traffic that will be caused by the new highway and the new border check point.

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